the 6 Cheesecake Minis & 6 Cheesecake Cupcakes

£52.00 + free shipping

Serves: 12

Our selection box filled with mini cupcakes and cheesecakes may not settle your dilemma but you’ll certainly enjoy the debate. Tuck in to 6 yummy cupcakes: 2x Caramel, 2x Strawberry, 2 x Cookies... and munch on 6 of our favourite cheesecake flavours; Millionaires’ Shortbread, Raspberry White Chocolate, Blueberry Shortbread, Mango Passion, Chocolate Profiterole and Honeycomb.

Wonderful selection of cheesecakes and mini cupcakes. Tuck in to 6 yummy cupcakes: 2 caramel, 2 strawberry, 2 double chocolate and much on 6 of our favorite cheesecakes flavors: millionaire's shortbread, raspberry white chocolate, blueberry shortbread, mango passion, chocolate profiterole and honeycomb.