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  • Why does my cake order contain dry ice?

    Dry Ice has been placed within your consignment to ensure your Food Order remains at the correct temperature during transit and reaches you in the best possible condition. Dry Ice is used for transit purposes only and no attempt should be made to collect and store it for other reasons. Once your order has been unpacked the Dry Ice should be immediately disposed of as indicated below.

    How long can I keep my cake in the fridge or freezer?

    You can keep most of our cakes in the fridge for up to 4 days after they have been defrosted, however always check the best before label on the side of the box

    Can I refreeze my cake?

    Once your product has been defrosted it should not be refrozen.

    How many people will my cake serve?

    Size: 9" | Approximate serving: 8 to 10

    Where are the cakes made?

    We are associated with English Cheesecake Company. All cakes are made in London, England.

    What is the best way to cut a cheesecake?

    The best way to cut a whole cake is when it is partially thawed. Cut the desired portion size with a knife dipped in hot water. However you can have your 8" cakes pre-portioned when purchasing if you'd prefer.

    What is the best way to serve a cheesecake?

    We recommended serving our cakes chilled (but not frozen).

    What will English Cheesecake company do with my information?

    Any information that you give to us through this site is kept within the Best Cakes UK. Any information gathered is solely used to help us understand our customers and to better direct promotions. Your privacy is important to us.

    How can I contact the English Cheesecake Company?

    For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach us through our customer support email at [email protected] or talk to our friendly support specialist through live chat and we're happy to assist.

    Do you use fresh ingredients?

    Yes, we use fresh dairy produce in all of our cakes.

    Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians?

    Many of our cakes are suitable for vegetarians and you will be able to see clearly in our online store if the cake you have chosen is suitable.

    Are your cakes free of GMO?

    Yes, they are.

    Do your cakes contain nuts?

    Although many of our products may not contain nuts, they are not produced in a nut free factory so may contain traces.

    What type of base does your company use?

    All of our cheesecakes have either a digestive or chocolate cookie base.

    What if I do not receive an order confirmation by email?

    If it's not in your spam folder (this can happen from time to time) then please contact us through our live chat or email. :)
  • Can I deliver to different addresses?

    You can deliver to only one designated address per order.

    What does delivery cost?

    Standard delivery is FREE. For Saturday order, our customer support will send you an email for the additional cost which around £10.

    Where do you deliver?

    We deliver to most areas of the UK mainland.

    What if my cake hasn't arrived on my selected day?

    If you are expecting a cake delivery and it hasn't arrived, please contact us with your order reference number and a member of our team will help.
  • How secure is my information when I'm ordering?

    Best Cakes UK does not store your credit card details. We use Stripe as the payment gateway for website orders.

    Can I change the cake I ordered / delivery time / delivery address / personal message?

    For any changes on the order, feel free to contact us through live chat or send us an email no later than 12 hours before dispatch time. Within 12 hours, we will still try our best but please understand we might be unable to fulfill your requests.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Please be guided of our cancellation process
    Cancellation of Orders:
    - Orders that are cancelled no later than 48 hours before delivery will result in a full refund
    - Orders canceled between 12 and 48 hours before dispatch time with result in a 10% cancellation fee applied
    - Orders cancel within 12 hours before dispatch time, will result in a 50% refund only.
    *The dispatch time is defined as the earliest minute in a delivery time slot, for example 9-12pm counts 9am as dispatch time*.

    Which forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept credit/debit card powered by Visa, MasterCard and AMEX for payments. Soon we'll be accepting PayPal and bank transfer.